Structural Engineering

Dutch Masters provides structural engineering services for its clients through Tacoma Engineers. The project infrastructure and building designs are created by Dutch Masters and the structural engineering is provided by Tacoma Engineers. Tacoma is familiar with the building code requirements, the latest legislation that impacts on the structural integrity of the design, and interprets codes and regulations related to farm buildings. Tacoma is the pre-eminent designer of agricultural buildings in southern Ontario. The Farm Building Code is a special set of codes that are referenced to the National Building Code of Canada, made specifically for the structures used in agriculture. The application of the Farm Building Code provides for significant design options and loading criteria that are only applicable to farm buildings. In some cases this may provide our clients with lower construction costs. Through our relationship with the professional engineers at Tacoma Engineering, who have the specific expertise for agricultural buildings, Dutch Masters is able to provide its clients with modern, efficient, and structurally sound building designs.

For more than 20 years, Dutch Masters has consulted Tacoma Engineers as part of our team of professionals to produce award winning horse stables and arenas for our clients. This successful track record continues to set a higher standard for our compary and for our industry. The integration of professional supports, and Dutch Masters years of practical experience designing and constructing horse facilities, assists our clients in finding the right solution for their needs.

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