Lest We Forget


History should not be forgotten, especially the "fallen". The unknown who gave their lives. I have no idea how one lives through a war. My mother has lots of stories. None are romantic, all are sad especially when war is fought by the youth.

Canada and Canadians are still honoured and respected in the Netherlands, like in no other country. I must admit that I was proud of my Dutch heritage when I strolled through the grave sites at Holten in Holland during my visit there this year. The Dutch have not forgotten and that spoke to me. The Canadians who died for the Dutch people are now still remembered by their Dutch ancestors. The kinship is palpable when you speak to them. So at the very least, we back home should not shrink from our respectful remembrance of our history, our service, the sacrifice.

Maybe it will urge us to work harder to avoid such events in the future. But history is too soon forgotten.



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“An honest man always values earning honour over wealth.”